About us

JMP International was founded in 1995 and is a manufacturer of fall protection equipment and insulation ladders for such sectors as: energy, telecommunications, arborists, industry, construction, rescue and others.

We produce:

Fall protection equipment under INTER ® mark such as:
safety harness (in ranges: Professional, Action, Standard, Universal, Special and Tree care harnesses),
energy absorbers and lanyards
positioning lanyards
fall protection devices
(self-locking,  arrest blocks)
rescue sets

insulation ladders INTER ®:
multi-purpose ladders
fall protection ladder
insulation ladder systems (booms and platforms)
special clothes for work at height
bags, backpacks, tool bags

We also offer other personal protective equipment as:
Protective helmets for work at height and to work under voltage
Dielectric gloves, tools,
PPE to protect the face, eyes, hearing, etc.
Tripods, winches,