Fall protection ladders INTER® are equipped with optional elements which helps in using and protecting against fall from a height. With anchorage step it’s easy to provide fall protection during work on ladder. Thanks to sides anchorage points worker is able to stabilize the ladder in many different ways with additional ropes (also in work on wall or other construction). Fall protection ladder is equipped with anchorage step, rope clamps, ropes set and
fall protection set.

Characteristics of the ladder:
– Ladder consists of three extensional elements – two aluminium elements and one insulation element with stiles made of fiberglass which provide insulation of 30kV (insulation measured between two adjacent rungs – according to EN 50528 point 5.6 – electrical tests) – when used on or near electrical installations top element should be fully extended (only insulation element protect against electric arc)
Pulley system for easy extending ladder (top element is extended manually and second element is extended by rope)
mechanical construction (enable to replace parts in the event of damage)
aluminium rungs screwed in all elements of the ladder
ANCHORAGE STEP enable to easy protect the worker from falling from height when he is working on the ladder. Anchorage steps is a three-point construction mounted on the top of the ladder. It’s used for ladder stabilization and in creating a fall protection system.
FALL ARREST SET for ladders (rope, SMART ROCK, connectors, tool bag).
ROPE CLAMPS to stabilise ladder by connecting ladder with construction by rope in very easy and comfortable way.
– Wide base stabilising the ladder
– Meets with EN 131 and EN 353-2 (fall protection set)
– Wall Rolls mounted on the top of ladder used for easy unfold the ladder and to protect the building elevation.
– Pole Rolls mounted on the top of ladder used for easy unfold the ladder on poles. It is mounted with anchorage step

available additional elements (not included in price):
– FOOTSTEP Platform installed on steps for comfortable work on ladder

Rope operated ladders (with pulley system)

3x3mDPA003307,5 m30kg
3×3,5mDPA003359 m34kg
3x4mDPA0034010,5 m38kg

Other lengths available on request (the parameters may be slightly different from the above)
    Ladders can be equipped with additional elements to facilitate use and protect the user against falling from a height.