TRANSOR® was created to enable the worker to protect against fall down in workplace on ladder and outside when possibilities to create appropriate
anchorage point are limited.

Is used in places where is possibility to lay down the ladder, ex. transform stations, poles, buildings (walls and roofs), etc. By rope clamps and integrated
supports is stabilized and there is no possibility to turn over the system.

TRANSOR consists of:
-two elements extensional ladder made of fiberglass and with aluminum steps,
-two telescopic supports connected with the ladder
-fall protection system (rope clamps, anchorage step, retractable fall protection device)
-due to pulley system it is very easy to extend and use the system

Thanks to the TRANSOR worker is protected from falling all the time (from the ground to come to the work place), and at the same time is very easy to use and requires no permanent installation on any additional elements on the construction of the device (like transformer).

2×3,5m- DT00235 6m
2×4,0m – DT00240    7m